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5 Signs Of Unhealthy Relationships

Autumn is a difficult time, in which depression often worsens. Vitamin deficiency affects all aspects of life. But what if your depression isn’t about the time of year, but about relationships? These may be temporary difficulties, but in some cases it is better to think seriously about parting.

  1. Your life is in the power of a partner

Someone really likes when everything is decided for him, because you do not need to be responsible for the result, you do not need to worry about how to spend time, how to dress and…. how to live. However, there is a downside to everything. And if you give your life to the power of a partner, don’t be surprised when everything goes wrong. In addition, over time, you will have low self-esteem and a feeling of complete helplessness. Think about that – maybe it’s time to grow up emotionally?

2. Your partner constantly criticizes you

Yes, objective criticism is necessary to everyone, but if every day you hear phrases like: “What a terrible dress! Why did you go to learn that disgusting language? Why are you looking at me like a cow again?” In this situation your self-esteem greatly decreases, and even if there are positive changes, you see the same unhappy look on your partner’s face. Do you really want to live like this?

3. Your partner is constantly depressed

Everyone has difficult periods in life when the support of the loved one is especially important. But what if a person is in this state for a very long time and does not want to seek help from a specialist? Living next to a person like this can be dangerous! You too sooner or later will feel that you have a bad mood, bad health, a complete lack of energy and motivation. If a person does not seek salvation, why do you have to drown with him?

4. Your partner is always right

Whatever you do, it’s always your fault, and he’s right. Of course, he makes a lot of arguments, and you think: “Yeah, I guess I’m that stupid.” Don’t you think there’s something unnatural about it? We all make mistakes sometimes! In a healthy relationship, everyone has the right to vote, decisions are made together, and therefore the responsibility is divided between the two. In case of failure, loving people support each other but do not blame. Don’t they?

5. Your partner is prone to violence

If all the previous points were an occasion for reflection on the topic: “What can we change in our relations”, the presence of this point is a reason to run and seek help, understanding your feelings and preferences, especially if you subconsciously like to be in this type of relationship. Note that violence is not necessarily a beating. Humiliation and insults are also violence.

Have you discovered any of these signs in your relationship?

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