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Eggs of fate. Or how to win his heart.

My dear friend…

I had a friend. His name was Maxim. Maxim liked to chat with girls very much with lots girls, but not just to chat. I had relationships with a man and it was interesting, full of passion and emotions but very very rarely. He lived far away from me but I often felt lonely.

  I met Maxim at a vocal competition where I took part in. He was the organizer there. The first thing he did was to ask what he could do for me. And, of course, immediately it won me over. Maxim showed his interest, but he was very gallant and in addition he looked great. It was the image of the ideal and my man wasn’t the ideal.

  So, I’m like a true girl who had read many womens’ magazines (to my own misfortune) on how to get the attention of the guy, took help from Maxim and asked him to buy me pills for a sore throat (“I am a singer!”). Of course, he did it.

  I came home under impression and I told my boyfriend by phone that I got a new friend but somehow he was not happy. Unlike me.

  The months went by, Maxim and me met regularly. He involved me in active work of the city, helped with concerts and in general in every way showed that he liked me very much. I just had to listen to his stories about very adult and very young girls with whom he was constantly getting acquainted. I just had to give him an advice on how to behave with them. I just had to listen about his failures in relationships and with his work. That’s all!

Something never changes

After half of the year I got used to Maxim very much, because we talked a lot and it was very interesting. But he had an insanely excited life unlike me. For example, during our communication, he was hospitalised several times  with a broken leg or a broken arm, with a concussion of the head, with pneumonia, with a puncture of the limbs… And all of these was real. I went to visit him in the hospital, I brought fruit, juice, water, encouraging postcards And he brought me exciting stories in return. The stories about girls who had sex with him even in the hospital bathroom. You know, what I wanted? I wanted to experience his magic by myself (definitely a smart decision).

 The opportunity appeared to me itself. I broke up with my boyfriend (I think, it was in the tenth time. And it’s only during the half of a year: (“this time for sure forever!” –  I surely decided) It was clear that I felt very bad, and I sincerely hoped for the support of my beloved friend Maxim. Of course he agreed to support me and of course at home, where I was before a couple of times during the daytime and I knew his family, even dad (by the photo).

 When I came this time, he was alone. Oh no! His little pit bull was with us. It jumped into the our love seat when we went to bed with Maxim (so cute! Isn’t it?) My friend even fed me before going to bed with chips and cookies and then turned on a romantic movie. What could it mean? (haha)

  I behaved like a girl who was tormented by long-distance relationships, deprived of care and love, but not ready for the new love experiences. ( Phuh, it is so complicated!) So, I let Maxim just to hug me back (“because true friends do like this, isn’t it? “) My dear friend came to the balcony periodically, opened the window, sighed and exhaled. I pretended to be asleep, but over excited I had a terrible stomach ache, and I controlled his every move. I was amazed that he did not bother me! He just held me all night. It was wonderful…Then I decided that I would definitely return to this well-mannered and pleasant boy.

  In the morning he fell asleep, and I got up and went to the kitchen. I wanted to make an interesting breakfast and then to hide like beautiful stranger (Oh, the womens’ magazines! Whatdoyoudowithyourreaders!) I wanted to win the heart of Maxim by cooking an incredible breakfast, then I opened the refrigerator door  and found there…two eggs and one sausage! Very symbolically. I wanted to eat it by myself, but I thought it would be romantic, extraordinary and fun if I make the funny face from this wonderful set in the form of two eyes of yolks and smiley (sausage). So I did. I ate all the cookies in his house and looking with envy at Maxim’s Breakfast I went home writing poems in my head about true love and friendship.

 Maxim wrote the following day: “Hi, honey! Thank you, it was delicious.” After waiting a little longer, I asked him how was my idea to create the funny face.

– What kind of face?

-That I cooked for you from two eggs and one sausage!

-Honey, I didn’t notice!

 There was a momentary silence on the line. I hung up the phone and furiously watched the thoughts in my head: “I’m a singer! Condescended to creative breakfast for this womanizer, and he shoved it in his mouth and even did not understand the idea!”  I accepted his behavior: his endless intercourse, disappearing and constant vile stories about all sorts of prostitutes who agree to be with him. But not to notice the face of eggs and sausages!!! This I could not forgive…

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