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Healthy Lesbian Relationship. 10 tips on how to build it (part 2)

Last time we gave the first 5 pieces of advice on how to build healthy lesbian relationship. It can really help you because all of us sometimes need the right words. Let’s continue!

6. Think about your own life

Remember the main thing: the better you feel about yourself, the better the person next to you is. Do those healthy things that make you happier! For every person it’s different, but you can try to dance, eat delicious fruits, meet positive people, write verses or just stay alone when you need it.

7. Find your common interests

How do you spend your time together? Are you just lying next to each other and reading different articles on your phones? Do what excites both of you! It can be a short trip, volunteering, outdoor sports. Do whatever you want to have a pleasant experience!

8. Be understanding

In a relationship, it doesn’t matter who’s right but it’s very important to be kind and understanding. Think about making the atmosphere in your couple better. Appreciate the time that you spend together.

9. Don’t act rashly

Try not to say too much during the quarrel. These phrases, said in a temper, can seriously spoil your relationship. It is better to cool down first, and then discuss the exciting issue.

10. You’re entitled to your own time

To live by helping others and spending time with someone can be fun and rewarding, but being at peace with yourself and your desires must be your priority things. You can stay in silence or go alone to meet interesting people. Feel yourself and be honest with yourself.

Do you agree with these tips? What advice are you already following?

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