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How to build a Healthy Lesbian Relationship? 10 tips to help you! ( part 1)

Everyone knows in order to create good relationship both partners have to work on them. Today you will learn how to build a happy and healthy lesbian relationship.

1.Don’t expect too much from your partner

If you wait for someone else to make your life happy, it can lead to failure. Everyone is responsible for his or her own life. It is better to think how you can support your partner and take care of yourself.

2. Have nice traditions to keep you connected

This can be a joint walk on Wednesdays or going to the cinema on Saturdays. You should have the things you do together. It helps you to feel each other united and close.

3. Improve yourself

Be engaged in personal growth, help each other to develop in career life or make a dream come true. Try to become the partner you dream of. For example, you can read books, watch lectures on psychology and use them to life. Try new things and be inspired by life!

4. Stay positive, pessimistic people are never successful.

Remember the rule five-to-one. For example, to 1 reproach give your partner 2 compliments, 2 hugs and 1 appreciation. Better yet, try to avoid negativity completely.

5. Inspire her!

It is always interesting to keep the relationship it should have a place for surprises! Give her a love note at the morning, put in her bag sweets, suddenly meet her after work to go to an unusual place. There are lots of options!

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