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Looking for balance. How much time should you spend with your soulmate?

Some of us are ready to be near our loved one 24 hours 7 days a week. But will it help the relationships to be stronger? It is very important to find balance among work, family, friends, relationships and your inner world. Let’s try to figure out how to do it!

1. Everyone needs to have their hobbies

People who want to be with their soulmate all the time usually do it out of a subconscious desire to control his/her life. They devote little time to themselves, which quickly makes them uninteresting for the partner. Respect your partner’s interests and have yours. Then life will be brighter, and when you meet you will always have something to share.

2. Friends are an important part of life

When there are relationships, friends take second place. For the first time it is okay, but don’t forget that friends are an important part of life. Good friends are good emotions and the necessary support. Psychologists advise to integrate your partner into your circle of friends. It will help you look at him/her in a different way and will spice up your communication with new emotions.

3. Make a calendar of meetings

Personal relationships, of course, should remain a priority. Therefore, making a calendar of meetings, allocate a third of your free time for your partner (if you want). The rest of the time is for your family, friends and yourself!

4. Allocate time wisely

For example, if you spend 6 hours on a weekend together flipping through your Instagram feed, it’s clearly worse than a 2-hour walk in the park or even watching a 3-hour movie that you both like. You choose!

5. Ask him/ her

Many of the questions that arise in a relationship are often better to be asked directly. If you do not know how much time is better to spend together, just ask your partner what he/she thinks about it, how he/she would like to spend time, what he/she would like to do. Often in life everything is much easier than we can imagine!

How much time do you spend with your loved one?

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