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Online Dating: starting out – part one

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So, How Did You Come Out?

On first dates, I’m sure most of us have experienced that vague moment of awkwardness where a thread of conversation runs its course and a brief moment or two passes while you both search for the next question...

Why girls prefer girls?

We never know why our lives are going one way or another. We will never know why we have such needs but not others. The fact is we are who we are. And our main goal is to make our life what we want it to be...

9 Valentine’s Day Ideas on a Budget – Affordable Gifts & Activities

Valentine’s Day can be a problem if you’re a middle class American on a tight personal budget. All the glittering store window displays and glossy magazine articles send the message that to express your love...

Sugar Daddy relationships. Is it really so sweet? (What about Sugar partner for you?)

Sweet relationships Sugar dates are still popular because for ones it’s the reliability and protection and for others it’s the entertainment and the possibility of self-assertion. There may be other reasons...


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