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Rhodes case. Or if it’ll ever happen again….

It happened last summer. I just turned 18 and my parents decided to make me a gift and bought me a ticket to the seaside in 5-star hotel in Rhodes. That was the trip which changed my mind forever.

  I went with a group of friends. Everything was gorgeous and the sea, wonderful beaches, gentle sun, beautiful girls in bikinis, delicious food, entertainment. But he was the best one. Previously, I also sometimes was attracted by men, but I did not attach any importance.He was 10 years older than me, his name was Sergio and he came to the same hotel to relax with his young wife.

  I noticed that he tried to be next to me – at  seaside and cafe, on the volleyball field. I liked it but I was afraid to admit it. His wife was a very beautiful woman who enjoyed flirting with my friends. We began to communicate more and more often together and once at the club Sergio jokingly invited me to dance. Everyone laughed but I knew I was in love.

  After a couple of days, his wife wanted to go for a night tour around the city, but Sergio refused to go, especially since one of my friends had decided to keep the company of his wife. One hour later, I got an sms from Sergio. He wrote that he had no one to drink with and he invited me to his room. I agreed. As soon as I entered and  he suddenly hugged me. I realized that the feelings were mutual.

  Now I live like everyone else – studying, working part-time, dating girls, having fun but often remembering him… There, at Rhodes, it was the best night of my life. I don’t know if it’ll ever happen again…


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