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Sugar mommy and sugar boy. How to deal?

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Last time we talked about Sugar dates, including Sugar daddies and Sugar babies. Today we will talk about other kinds of Sugar relationships. If you are a young guy and need care, expensive gifts and luxury trips, you have to try.

The first step to mummy

If you want to win her mummy, be courageous. Try to be ‘a real man’. Talk less, do more. And if you take her phone number, ask when best to call her and promise to call her by then and be confident while talking. It’s the way to make a sugar mummy fall in love with you.

Just DON’T do it

The biggest mistake that sugar boys make is that they start dating young girls and start discussing it with their sugar mummy. Sugar mummies, of course, are interested in this issue and forced to talk about the relationship on the side, but do not submit! If you commit such a mistake, then all sorts of benefits for you will quickly come to the end. Near you Sugar mummy needs to feel like a Queen, and you must to hide all the other relationships with girls.


Take her on a date and then tell mummies sweet worlds. For example, ‘you look great’, ‘you have a lovely voice’, ‘what a wonderful dress’!

Use all of these advices and wait: soon she will begin to kiss you and fall in love!

Good luck with your mummy!

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