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The story of one gay ‘Me+my fears=my life???’

Each of us faces challenges in life, but can we survive all the challenges? Well. Suppose, I have strong nerves, and I can handle it, but what about the fear? The fear that you will not find support from your loved ones, that you’ll be an outcast in the society, the fear of not accepting yourself…I’ve been thinking about this and withdrew into myself, avoiding people that I need so much…

I thought I had no place in this world

Now I’m 20. As a child, I felt different. I looked around and I thought I had no place in this world. In my gym class in the locker room, I was so embarrassed that I closed my eyes. I was terribly shy in the presence of handsome guys. I also wanted to learn how to be friends with boys, but I did not succeed. I easily found a common language with girls, even tried to start dating with one. Of course, at the crucial moment I did not succeed…

I thought about the future with horror

As the years passed, I felt a serious strain. I couldn’t be with a man because of my upbringing and I couldn’t be with a woman because I didn’t want. People around me already began to suspect my orientation, and parents asked all the time when I will introduce them to my bride. I said that until I fall in love for real, I will not introduce them to anyone. And at the same time I thought about the future with horror.

I feel like I have the right to live

One day I went to Barcelona and accidently found myself at a gay pride parade. My mind turned over. I thought, ” Is it really possible to be a gay and enjoy life?”It was a shock for me. It was where I met my first man, we fell in love and now we are dating. Yeah, it’s a long-distance relationship, but now I feel like I have the right to live. I still don’t know what to say to my family, though…

How did you tell your family about your sexuality?

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