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The story of one gay ‘Me+my fears=my life???’

Each of us faces challenges in life, but can we survive all the challenges? Well. Suppose, I have strong nerves, and I can handle it, but what about the fear? The fear that you will not find support from your loved...

5 Mistakes In Gay Relationships

LGBT communities have been existing for a long time, but they still often cause a violent reaction from others. Therefore, many couples cannot behave naturally, making a number of mistakes. Let’s figure out how to...

What does he do with them?

He loved to communicate a lot I had a very sociable boyfriend. He worked as a teacher at the university, and in his spare time he played in the theatre and performed in a stand-up comedy. We lived together, so when he...

Secret date spots in London

Secret bars shrouded in mystery and speakeasies hidden in secret locations make for trendy date locations, but are there really any bars that are actually secret left in London? The Soulmates Team have knocked on doors...

Sugar mommy and sugar boy. How to deal?

Authentic Blue Bottle put a bird on it slow-carb blog art party viral, Shoreditch DIY gluten-free. Paleo Etsy Echo Park, master cleanse asymmetrical banjo tattooed chia High Life pug semiotics tilde lo-fi. Meditation...

Why girls prefer girls?

We never know why our lives are going one way or another. We will never know why we have such needs but not others. The fact is we are who we are. And our main goal is to make our life what we want it to be. To be close...


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