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What does a man appreciate in a woman?

For many centuries people have been trying to deduce the formula of love. What does it take for him to love you forever? The ability to cook, smile more often, to be a goddess in sex? Or maybe something else?

  1. She cares about herself

It doesn’t matter if you’re slim or curvy. It doesn’t matter. It is important for a man that a woman is well-groomed. Men often do not understand whether your clothes are from the new or old collection, but it is difficult for them to see the beauty of the soul if the girl has unwashed hair, sloppily plucked eyebrows or old nail polish. With the help of her appearance the girl shows how to treat her. If she cares about herself, then the man understands that such a girl needs to be taken care of.

2. She knows how to be happy

An unhappy woman can attract attention. A man will want to feel sorry for her, but he will quickly get tired of it. To be happy means to choose joy and harmony every day. It is not necessary to think that if there is a man in your life, he will solve all your internal problems. That’s not true. Men fall in love with a happy woman to make her happier.

3. She’s not trying to change her man

If you reprimand your beloved, dream about him being different, criticize him – stop! It’s the maternal instinct. With such women, men want only one thing – to escape. If you can get along only with the ideal version of your partner, it is better to part. He’s not your man. If you love each other, accept him as he is. Praise him, support, orient him towards the result – and he will get more active, because he will be inspired!

4. She’s not fighting

Intellectual debate is appropriate outside love relationships. A man appreciates wisdom, the ability to mitigate conflict and to be understanding. You do not need to stand your ground by any means. If you’re both angry, you can’t hear each other. It is better to wait a little and calmly discuss the situation. Without pretensions but with love.

5. She can praise

We have already discussed this above. Let us dwell on this important point in more detail. A man subconsciously strives to be what a woman images him. He wants to live up to her expectations, he wants to fulfill her dreams. Therefore, if you disrespectfully communicate with your man, insult him, do not be surprised that he is not successful. He listens to you. Praise him!

Which of these tips do you already follow?

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