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What does he do with them?

He loved to communicate a lot

I had a very sociable boyfriend. He worked as a teacher at the university, and in his spare time he played in the theatre and performed in a stand-up comedy. We lived together, so when he came home, he recounted every detail of what had happened to him during the day. Guess what we did most nights? That’s right, we talked a lot.

It was interesting to be with him and apparently not only for me. He was not a womanizer, although he had a pleasant appearance. He always had a lot of interesting stories from real life and books. Even if his stories weren’t funny, he laughed so loudly and contagiously that everybody cheered up. It all would be alright if he had only male friends with whom he liked to talk (even without a can of beer!), but he had plenty of friends among girls.

How could I not be jealous?

I was going crazy with jealousy. I told him not to go out with his female friends, and he didn’t understand what was going on. He even invited me to go with him and wanted me to meet everyone. I told him that I’d be meeting my male friends, too. He didn’t forbid. I could not understand it, because for me the opposite sex is either for work or for love.

Eventually, we broke up. I left him, and he went to another country to teach at another university.

Do you think I was wrong? Do your man have female friends? How do you react?

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