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Why girls prefer girls?

We never know why our lives are going one way or another. We will never know why we have such needs but not others. The fact is we are who we are. And our main goal is to make our life what we want it to be. To be close to the people you like.

Women by nature are more sensitive and more responsive to everything that happens than heterosexual men. That goes for sex, too. Women often instinctively feel that they may like a partner, while a man often needs a lot of time to understand how to please a particular girl.

Tenderness and affection play an important role in lesbian relationships. In this type of relationship there are many more kisses, touches, caresses. In lesbian sex, orgasm is not the main goal and the end point. The path to orgasm in this type of couples sometimes is so beautiful and sensual that the peak of pleasure occurs by itself, and the continuation of intimacy can bring even more vivid impressions than the orgasm itself, which men in heterosexual couples try to achieve at any cost.

Also men tend to make the purpose of sexual intercourse female orgasm to amuse their self-esteem, and this if you’re lucky. And then? Often nothing happens… And the woman remains emotionally unsatisfied. In lesbian couples this happens rarely, because it is important for a woman to provide psychophysical comfort for a partner.

( to be continued…)

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